After  thorough  research,  we  have  prepared  the   most  requested  rack  configuration  for  server rooms and projects called iSEVEN SERVER. This rack configuration fulfills most demand and brings an unattainable price / performance ratio making it ideal for day-to-day use of the product where a load rating of up to 1000 kg is required, regardless if using a welded or mounted frame design. Good airflow is required for server placement, and the racks are equipped with  super-perforated doors with unmatched 86% perforation.


  • Server rack for standard IT hardware up to 1000 kg
  • Unmatched 86% door perforation ratio decreases server fan power consumption
  • Extrusions support Zero U (0U) PDU


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Height: 42U, 45U
Width: 600 or 800 mm
Depth: 1 000, 1 200 mm
Load rating: 1000 kg

19" vertical extrusions: A-type extrusions, non-divided (600 or 800 mm wide) extrusions without horizontal holders; (for 800 mm provide additional 24U of installation space, adjustable from inside, blank panels not included
Front door: vented door - 86% perforation rate, swivel handle lock - DIN profile, singlepoint lock, universal key 333
Rear door: vented door - 86% perforation rate, swivel handle lock  - DIN profile, singlepoint lock, universal key 333
Side panels: two side panels, standard lock, universal key





Code Height Width (mm) Depth (mm) Color
RI7-42-60/100-S1-B 42U 600 1000 Grey
RI7-42-60/100-S1-H 42U 600 1000 Black
RI7-42-60/120-S1-B 42U 600 1200 Grey
RI7-42-60/120-S1-H 42U 600 1200 Black
RI7-42-80/100-S2-B 42U 800 1000 Grey
RI7-42-80/100-S2-H 42U 800 1000 Black
RI7-42-80/120-S2-B 42U 800 1200 Grey
RI7-42-80/120-S2-H 42U 800 1200 Black
RI7-45-60/100-S1-B 45U 600 1000 Grey
RI7-45-60/100-S1-H 45U 600 1000 Black
RI7-45-60/120-S1-B 45U 600 1200 Grey
RI7-45-60/120-S1-H 45U 600 1200 Black
RI7-45-80/100-S2-B 45U 800 1000 Grey
RI7-45-80/100-S2-H 45U 800 1000 Black
RI7-45-80/120-S2-B 45U 800 1200 Grey
RI7-45-80/120-S2-H 45U 800 1200 Black
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  • Datasheet iSEVEN SERVER (PDF - 1.83MB)
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Datasheet iSEVEN SERVER: