19" SOHO In-Wall

19" SOHO In-Wall

The racks in the SOHO In-Wall (19") series are designed for households and offers that are installed directly into the wall, which makes them an aesthetically pleasing solution for domestic networks. The SOHO In-Wall racks are equipped with 4U extrusions for horizontally mounted equipment, while 2U extrusions are available for deeper, vertically mounted  equipment. Equipment is secured within a very small footprint that remains hidden until access is required. Wire management is built in to the SOHO In-Wall to ensure that copper and/or fiber cables can be managed properly.


  • Equipped with extrusions for both active equipment installation (2U) and mounting passivecomponents (4U)
  • Offers access to installed equipment through front door


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  • SOHO-In-Wall_ACP-IW-55-53-14-main-closed-WEB.jpgSOHO-In-Wall_ACP-IW-55-53-14-front-right-WEB.jpgSOHO-In-Wall_ACP-IW-55-53-14-main-open1-WEB.jpgSOHO-In-Wall_ACP-IW-55-53-14-right-back-WEB.jpgSOHO In-WallSOHO In-WallSOHO-In-Wall_ACP-IW-55-53-14-inside-extrusions-WEB.jpg

Height: 550 mm

Width: 530 mm
Depth: 140 mm
Color: RAL 7035 (other color designs available upon request)

Standard configuration

  • 1 pair of fixed 19" vertical extrusions (4U)
  • 1 pair of fixed 19" horizontal extrusions (2U)
  • 1 perforated metal sheet door with lock


SOHO In-Wall
Code Dimensions (mm) Dimensions incl. packing (mm) Horizontal extrusionsExternal dimensions including packing (mm) Gross weight (kg)
H W D U * UD **U *UD **HWD 
ACP-IW-55/53/14 550 530 140 4 2 2 300 630 595 170 12

* Length of extrusions in units
** Max. depth of installed equipment in mm

  • Datasheet InWall SOHO (PDF - 0.31MB)
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