Contained Aisle Solutions

The contained aisle solution is the most effective way to maximize cooling capacity and minimize operational costs. The contained aisles are used for separating cold and hot zones in a data center.  

Cooling above racks

CoolTop units don’t occupy any floor space so the Data center can use this free area for IT equipment, resulting in higher profitability.

Contained Aisle - Fixed Solution

Fixed Contained Aisle solution is the ideal way to contain rows of racks of same height and width.

Contained Aisle - Modular Solution

Modular Contained Aisle solutions are the ideal way to contain rows of racks of different sizes or when there are gaps between racks.

Compact Data Centers

The Modular Closed Loop (MCL) is a specific, scalable non-IT infrastructure solution suitable for both smaller server rooms and large data centers that require zones with different operating parameters (temperature or heat load).