CONTEG Pro Server Management Software

CONTEG Pro Server Management Software

CONTEG Pro Server (CPS) software application for central management, oversight over the monitored environment and access using RAMOS hardware. Provides the user the ability to track the status of the environment and security of the data center/server rooms anytime, anywhere.

The application is used to manage the physical infrastructure—allows setting user access rights, controlling cameras and sensors in the environment and locally and remotely monitors integrated IT devices (PDUs, UPSs, IP cameras, etc).

CPS is also capable of sending notifications about alarms by SMS, MMS, e-mail or via various events. The application can even function in multi-tenant mode, which enables setting up access rights for specifi c users so that they can only
see and make changes in those parts of the system that are relevant to them.


  • Free of charge with the purchase of any product from the RAMOS family: RAMOS Ultra, RAMOS Ultra ACS, RAMOS Plus, RAMOS Plus GSM, RAMOS OptimaX, RAMOS OptimaX GSM 
  • Ability to manage the entire system via a web browser using HTML5 user interface on a smart phone, tablet or computer
  • Access control—setup of unique access rights for each user, creation of groups, search in the history Camera monitoring—support for IP cameras with ONVIF protocol for online monitoring and record-keeping
  • Environmental monitoring—sensors, detectors
  • Ability to set notifi cations via a number of types of events/actions/alarms
  • Supports direct integration of third-party network devices via SNMP and Modbus TCP 
  • Fully adjustable mapping function including the ability to specify areas, countries, buildings, rooms, etc. Also features an integrated graphics editor for creating maps.
  • Support for calculations via virtual sensors
  • Capacity and performance planning and management of devices installed in racks


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  • CONTEG Pro Server software can be installed onto any server with Windows 7 OS or higher.
  • Third-party devices can be integrated using ModbusTCP or SNMP, while cameras can be integrated via ONVIF.
  • The base units communicate with the server via LAN or WAN.
  • Data from remotemonitored environments without cable connection can be sent to the server using a cellular radio network and VPN connection with a 3G/4G mobile
  • data modem, using the necessary hardware
Access via web browser:
  • CONTEG Pro Server is available anywhere and anytime on a smart phone, tablet or PC via HTML5 user interface; Chrome or Firefox browser is recommended.
Minimum hardware specifi cations for installation:
  • CPU: Dual-Core CPU is recommended; Intel Xeon 3050 2.1 GHz or higher; AMD Opteron 1218 2.6 GHz or higher
  • RAM:  1 GB (2 GB or more and dual-channel recommended)
  • Network:  Ethernet 100/1000baseT (1 Gbit recommended)
  • GPU:  Integrated or discrete, 1024 × 768 minimum , 16bit colors.
  • Hard Disk: Minimum 100 Gbyte free (depends on the number of servers, cameras, rules and logging settings), NTFS file system (on Windows); Recommended: 7200 RPM or faster SATA/SAS HDDs and RAID1/RAID5
  • Operating System:
    Windows 7 64 bit or Windows Server 2008 R2; Recommended: Windows 10 64 bit or Windows Server 2016; Note: Windows Server Core versions are not supported
  • RMS-CPS-VS Adding one virtual sensor license to CONTEG Pro Server
  • RMS-CPS-VS-25 Adding 25 virtual sensors license to CONTEG Pro Server
  • RMS-CPS-IP-CAM Adding one third-party IP Camera (1-year license) to CONTEG Pro Server
  • RMS-CPS-TMPL Adding one network device (configured via template) license to CONTEG Pro Server
  • RMS-CPS-CTP Adding one CoolTeg Plus unit (communicate via Touch-Display) license to CONTEG Pro Server
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  • Datasheet Conteg Pro Server Management Software (PDF - 3.29MB)
    cs  en   
  • Users Manual Conteg Pro Server (PDF - 8.47MB)

Download detailed specification: