Products IT

Conteg products are based on the needs of customers from around the world as well as and the latest developments in the field. We offer our customers a complete range of products from telecommunications and data distribution to datacenters, server rooms and small applications. Our racks, which have a wide range of accessories are perfectly designed to fit  all IT solutions. In addition to cabinets, racks and their accessories, we also offer cable management, cooling system, power management, fire, and monitoring  systems as well as design selection and implementation services.

Free-Standing Racks

Free-standing racks are used for the secure installation of equipment, including required power and telecommunications cabling.

Contained Aisle Solutions

High efficiency layout of data centers = contained aisle solution. With this approach you can improve your equipment energy and cooling efficiency and improve your facility's PUE.

Wall-Mounting & SOHO Racks

The portfolio for wall-mounted racks and racks for small offices or households (SOHO) contains 7 rack series of all types and designs.

Open Frames

Open frames are used where it is not possible or not desirable to use racks or when unrestricted access to the installed equipment is necessary.

Targeted Cooling & Ventilation

This chapter presents products used for air-flow regulation and optimization; their use is recommended for efficient cooling.

Cable Management

Are you looking for a cable management system? You can choose from our cable brackets and duct for Conteg racks.

Power Distribution Units

Rack PDUs are used for the supply of energy and its distribution to each IT equipment and also allow the user to control each outlet or group of outlets remotely via a data network.

Complementary Systems

Our systems help you monitor the environment inside and outside the cabinet and respond to any critical situationin a timely manner.


Products for shelving, optic racks, plinths, mounting kits and many other necessary accessories.