FSM, FSM-X, FSM-O Accessories


100 mm or 200 mm plinth for placing a enclosure on a solid base.

Spare Mounting Plate

Mounting plate with marked raster, mounting accessories and brackets.

Partial Mounting Plate

The mounting plate is used to create additional front and side mounting planes.

Side Brackets For Mounting Plates

The brackets are used for additional mounting plate fixation and vibration reduction into FSM and FSE cabinets.

Lower Brackets for Mounting Plates

The brackets allow the mounting plate to be moved out of the rear frame position.

IP55 Bottom Kit

Special ionomer tape 100% waterproof.

Cable gland plate with gasket

Cable gland plate with 2 brushes or PU gasket

Horizontal and Vertical Extrusions

Perforated mounting extrusions for creating additional mounting planes.

Horizontal Rails

Rails for mounting high-load accessories.

Door-mounting rails

Door rails for installation of components.

Profile for Cable Fixing

Profile rail C for universal or recessed mounting position.

19" Rails

19” vertical extrusions with mounting accessories to make 19” planes in the FSM enclosures

19" Brackets

Brackets for 19" extrusions for inTEG Free-standing enclosures W 600 or 800 mm

19" Swing Frame

The swing frame is suitable for creation a swinging 19“ plane and an access point tothe back of the rack cabinet with width of 800 mm

Door stop

Fixing the door in open position

Door switch

The switch is used to switch on/off of the installed components such as lights, fans, cooling units

Utility Lectern

Utility lectern is suitable for the FSM and FSE enclosures.

Locks and Lock Inserts

Spare inserts instead of the standard 5 mm double-bar in the FSE and FSM enclosures.

Earthing for FSE and FSM

Earthing is supplied in various lengths and cross-sections of fl at conductors with pressed contact holes with an M8 opening


Cage nuts, screws, hinge, pull-out brackes, fasteners.

Fluorescent Lamps with a Door Switch and Socket

Interior lighting in the FSE and FSM enclosures, which allows connecting several light fixtures.

LED Light

Complete lighting units with rocker switch and inter-connection cables light up the interior of the FSE/FSM cabinet, option of connecting several light fixtures.

Pockets for documents

Pockets for placing  documentation inside the enclosure