Aegis DCIM

Aegis DCIM

Conteg's Aegis - Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) is a complete monitoring application for managing data center infrastructure. 

Data center efficiency

Conteg's Aegis (DCIM) system collects, analyzes, reports and manages infrastructure equipment in real-time using standardized data communication protocols. Improving efficiency reduces the operational expenses (OPEX) of a data center, and will reduce the data center's carbon footprint. It also helps to make the facility compliant with current and future developing governmental regulations.

Integration to third-party applications

Conteg's Aegis DCIM is designed to operate with all types of devices, equipment and third-party software applications. Aegis DCIM supports communication with data bases, including SAP BAPI (Business Application Programming Interface), MS SQL server 2008, My SQL, Oracle, MS Access, ODBC, OLEDB and data mining. Grid Control this tool enables OPC, SNMP and real-time data mining.
AEGIS DCIM is customized based on the individual needs of each client.

Conteg offers three DCIM variants:
  • The SERVER ROOM version is limited to 500 data points* and can only be used with Conteg products. Suitable for projects of up to 10 cabinets/racks, 5 AC-SO cooling units, 2 chillers, 20 PDUs, 20 doors access sensors, 20 temperature1 and 10 humidity sensors1.
  • The ENTERPRISE DC version is limited to 1500 data points* and can only be used with Conteg products. Suitable for projects of up to 32 cabinets/racks, 16 AC-SO cooling units, 6 chillers, 64 PDUs, 64 doors access sensors, 64 temperature1 and 32 humidity sensors1
  • The GLOBAL version can meet the requirements for any data center project regardless of size or scale
1 monitored via RAMOS
* Data point = information or value (ex: 5 temperature sensors = 5 data points)


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  • Aegis DCIMAegis DCIMAegis DCIMAegis DCIM
  • Useful computer room information. Metrics like PUE, EUE, EER, etc. are shown on Aegis DCIM dashboard
  • Alarm for defects/equipment malfunctions, temperature problems, exceeding humidity or temperature levels.
  • Monitoring and reporting of IT equipment's energy consumption at facility, row, rack or outlet level
  • Monitoring of electrical breaker loads, based on actual and daily peak load values
  • Capacity Reports
  • Local and remote accessibility via a standard web portal
  • Data security on various levels
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