Cable Management

Proper cable management organization is an integral part of any cabinet installation. Our new High Density Wire Management system supports precise cable management thats is in compliance with the bend radii of modern data cables. The fiber optic cable management system works with the OptiWay solution that safely helps to route fragile optic cables outside the cabinet. Conteg’s product portfolio also includes cable management equipment, including brackets, cable ducts and panels.

Conteg's cable management product designs are optimized for functionality and reliability.

Conteg HDWM cable management products reduce the risk of network outages. It is generally known that a high percentage of network outages are related to cabling. When cables are properly installed in the Conteg HDWM or OptiWay cable management products, the risk of excessive bends and over tension of cables is minimized. The cable support and routing guides designed for the Conteg HDWM and OptiWay cable management products comply with TIA, ISO and CENLEC cable bend radius recommendations. Conteg cable management products protect and organize the copper and fiber cables that keep your network up and running. 

High Density Wire Management

The new range of High Density Wire Managers from Conteg ensures cabling is properly managed.


OptiWay is a safe, easy-to-use and cost-effective management system for your fragile optical cables. It allows you to route fiber optic cables around equipment and provides physical protection as well as bend radius management.

Standard Cable Management

Standard management products are used for vertical or horizontal routing cables in the rack. 

Top Duct Light

Top Duct Light is designed to provide safe, easy-to-use, and cost-effective management system for copper cables above the racks.