Hygrostat is a device that switches or controls the heating unit in the cabinet depending on the level of relative humidity.

Lighting units

The low profile, slim lamp is suitable for illuminating the work space inside of the cabinet and can be used with all types of outTEG cabinets.

Pressure Compensator

This device controls inside pressure during changes of outside temperatures.

Horizontal and vertical rails

The horizontal rails are used for situations that require the mounting of heavy electronic equipment, or can also be used to create additional horizontal or vertical mounting planes.

19“, 21“ and ETSI vertical rails

Vertical rails are for mounting 19” (21”) electronic components or ETSI telecomm equipment inside the outTEG cabinet.

Baying kit

A frame for baying of outdoor cabintes in row

Fixing frame for cast concrete base

A welded frame designed for embedding into the concrete plinth.

Wire Management Panels With Plastic Brackets

Fastening panels with plastic brackets are used for horizontal management and routing of cables in a rack.

Wire Management Panels with Plastic Ducts

Vertical wire management panels are used for horizontal cable management in free-standing racks as well as wall-mounting and SOHO racks.

Power Distribution Units

Conteg`s power management products seek to address the growing demand for power distribution within stand-alone cabinets.

High Density Wire Management

The new range of High Density Wire Managers from Conteg ensures cabling is properly managed.