The CoolOut outdoor condensing unit is specially designed for conducting heat out of data centers. The unit meets all the strict demands on precision, stability and service life required for data centers.



  • Advanced communication and cooling regulation based on commands from the data center
  • Very low consumption thanks to high-quality EC fans andactive regulation of condensing pressure
  • Inverter-controlled BLDC compressor
  • Wide range of cooling power from 11 % upwards
  • Versions for extreme ambient temperatures available
  • Robust frame and housing made of high-quality corrosion-resistant materials
  • Ability to communicate with a monitoring system (SNMP, Modbus TCP, Modbus RS485)
  • Ability to monitor and control operating parameters through the indoor unit
  • Simple to install and operate
  • Option for remote servicing after connecting a PGDx service display
  • Specially designed for precision cooling
  • Linear electronic expansion valve



  • Wide range of ambient conditions
  • Installations emphasizing economical and reliable operation
  • Compatible with CONTEG CoolSeven and CoolTeg DXSmall units



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  • CoolOut is an outdoor condensing unit designed for precision compression cooling. The units are fitted with an inverter-controlled rotary DC compressor with cooling power of up to 8.1 kW.
  • Thanks to the use of hot gas bypass technology, the unit's cooling power can be adjusted from11 % of total cooling power upwards regardless of outdoor conditions.
  • The use of a specially designed condenser, EC fans and a system of dynamic control of condensing pressure allowed minimizing the power consumption and noise emissions of the cooling unit.
  • The running of the unit and correct functioning of all its parts is overseen by a built-in regulatorwith special CONTEG software.The regulator also ensures communication with the indoor unit via Fieldbus protocol. Basic information about the running of the outdoor unit can be tracked through the indoor unit.
  • The design of the condensing unit allows its mounting onto the floor or a wall.
  • CoolOut units are highly userfriendly in their setup and operation. Initialization and operation is very simple.


CoolOut Outdoor Condensing Unit

Operating conditions
°C -20 to +47 °C -20 to +55 °C
Operating conditions ****
°C -40 to +47 °C
Power regulation
Smooth 11 – 100% Smooth 11 – 100%
Rated cooling power kW 8.1 8.1
Power supply V/f/Hz 230/1/50-60 230/1/50-60
Operating current * A 8.84 10.4
Maximum current A 12.8 17.5
Rated input power *
kW 2.03 2.39
Compressor control

BLDC Inverter BLDC Inverter
Coolant regulation
linear expansion valve linear expansion valve
R410A coolant capacity **
kg 0 0
Acoustic pressure Lw(A) * dB 44 63

* Values at stabilized 80 % output.
** Without coolant, filled in during installation.
**** If fitted with winter-kit accessories.

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