Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions

Part of today's society is based on production, trade and services. Given the scope of the various associated activities an essential communication tool is your computer and the internet. These are used for the managing, recording and processing of all aspect of information which is used for the main purpose of the business enterprise. Organizations differ in size of the systems, databases, and market size, which cover their core business. The need for technology, storage, transmission and processing of information and data is never more essential.

Every business using these methods has a server or utility room where the servers are stored for support of basic communication and operation of ITS, and in which other technologies are combined mainly in the field of communications and network systems.

Companies that are spread over a large region, nationally or internationally, where they provide their services, or in remote offices,  have the need for direct and reliable communication and access to the stored data of the main server room. A reliable infrastructure is paramount to avoid costly disruption.

With Conteg products you have a unique opportunity to build the entire IT system with the same type of racks. You can select and assemble various types of racks according to their specific destination and use, and the resulting design will be uniform. We can offer universal or prearranged racks for specific applications such as copper and fiber cabling systems, to store servers, disk arrays, high-performance routers, blade servers and other IT and non IT equipment. For their user-friendly, easy and secure connection, you can use fully compatible cable management systems - HDWM and OptiWay.

It's just a matter of time before the data and computing space will not be sufficient and it will be necessary to expand the server room. If you are already in this situation, we can offer you an uncomplicated and convenient way to design the entire solution. Our presales team will design the most ideal configuration based on your requirements and plans. We can also offer graphic design and simulation of the server room using CFD modeling. An important part of the solution is the cooling system. Conteg can offer solutions of any scale for your cooling systems, including a free-cooling solution that effectively cools servers and IT. If you really want to have an overview of the environment in your server room or utility room you can choose the best solution for you from a number of RAMOS monitoring systems. These solutions are developed from the basic RAMOS Mini version intended for one rack, to the RAMOS Ultra version. You can monitor a large network of sensors and detectors, not only in your server room, but also in other systems, such as cooling boxes, production lines - leak detection of liquids, gases and smoke.

Our technical specialists will be happy to suggest the best solution for your needs at presales[at]conteg.com.

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