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Conteg works with industry leading companies and combines best practices with high quality infrastructure products to give you choice and flexibility for your facility design and cooling strategy. By adopting a modular approach we ensure that regardless of whether you choose full Conteg deployment or just one part of our system, the flexibility and quality remains constant. Conteg is able to provide you and your company a broad portfolio of datacenter architecture solutions.

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Selected Projects:

Data center SafeDX - Czech Republic

Conteg realize through DCI Czech (affiliated society) new Data center Safe DX in Prague. DCI Czech ensure continuous operation on-site 24/7 and complete security guard 24/7.

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Data Center Wörglweb - Austria

Conteg has supplied a Contained Aisle with 10 PREMIUM RSF racks, 5 PREMIUM RSB racks, 3 CoolTeg PLUS Cooling units, OptiWay Cable management, RAMOS Ultra monitoring system (with expander for access control) and Power Distribution Units to Wörglweb Data Center.

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Data Center TTC TELEPORT- Czech Republic

Data Center DC2 is the biggest and most modern data center in Middle and Eastern Europe and it meets the highest standards. Along with the construction of the center, we are upgrading our certificate to Uptime Institute TIER III.

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Data Center Rondel - Czech Republic/Usti nad Labem

One of projects we implemented was the modern data centre in Ústí nad Labem – Rondel, built for Vaudevile, s.r.o. The investor chose our company both for its experience proven and tested across projects all over the world, as well as for our unique combination of own production, development and sale of the most modern of technologies.

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Data Center Hermine - France/Brest

"CONTEG has emerged because of the quality of its equipment, affordable price, and commercial support.

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Compressor station - Czech Republic
In this realization has been used outTEG outdoor cabinet with additional ventilation and plinth with a battery shelf.
Data Center Casablanca - Czech Republic

"The core of Casablanca Datacentre is a modern and high-quality technology base, including powerful backup systems. Equal emphasis is placed on safety and fire protection. 

To provide cooling in the Datacentre, we have chosen a central cooling system and a closed hot/cold aisle system. The machines running in the n+1 system cool the agent that is distributed to each server room. The whole system uses state-of-the-art freecooling technology for maximum efficiency and environmental friendliness. The power system is based on modular UPS systems, complemented by four engine-generators with a total output of 2 MW."

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Eclipse Print - Czech Republic

Project description:

Single and double door inTEG Free-Standing industrial enclosures FSE with accesories


Unnmaned Station - Czech Republic

Project description:

OutTEG outdoor cabinets with climeate control for better thermal comfort of installed components.

These cabinets has been used to control unmmaned stations.


EUROWAG - Czech Republic

EUROWAG - the integrated mobility provider in Europe - has been expanding greatly, and as the company has grown, there was a need to increase the IT capacity of servers in their data center. CONTEG took up this challenging project by supplying a complete non-IT infrastructure solution in the form of a contained aisle system which physically separates hot and cold zones, thus efficiently reducing operating costs and power requirements of the data center

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