Project Support

When preparing a complex network project, consultants, designers or your company's IT department can benefit from the advice or support of our product managers. Our product managers have in-depth knowledge of the parameters and characteristics of all Conteg product portfolio items coupled with years of experience successfully delivering completed projects.

Over or under provisioning the power and cooling requirements for a Telecommunications or ITS facility project will result in either stranded capacity or having to come back and increase the capacity of these systems. Either situation results in additional capital costs to your organization. Improper space planning for these areas can result in improper code clearances and work areas. This, in turn, creates problems when adding equipment, making moves, adds and changes to the structured cabling. The Conteg Technical Support team can, using CAD and simulation tools, the extended palette of Conteg products and project experience, assist you in delivering a properly provisioned technical space to meet your organization's Day One and expansion requirements.

It does not matter how challenging or simple your project is, Conteg has an engineered solution to fully meet your requirements. Do not hesitate to contact our Total Solutions Technical Support team.


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