Conteg's extensive portfolio of products and solutions provides its business partners and customers with a wide range of possibilities for suitable solutions that address your requirements in building ICT systems. We also offer basic information on supported configurations, and services that can help you in the planning and implementation of your ideas. We do not just provide products, we provide the total solution!

Data Centers

A data center can be defined as a facility used to house computer systems and associated components. As such, they are an essential part of efficient communication in our world today.

Enterprise Solutions

No matter what size your company is, ensuring reliable communication and ICT is crucial to conducting  business activities successfully. For you, Conteg offers the design and implementation of data rooms, server rooms or data centers.

Server Rooms

Here we have selected products suitable for a modern server room - racks and open frames for servers, disk arrays, central network switches and optical and metallic cables.


Phone, e-mails, data sharing on social networks? Everyday technology we cannot be without.


Looking for the best way to house cabling and IT equipment? To solve your needs, we offer networking racks, which will ensure the correct fit for your cabling and IT equipment.

Home & Office

At home and in the office you can have IT and telecommunications technology positioned safely and clearly. Everything for the placing of the IT components can be found here - Small office/Home.

Outdoor network

Outdoor cabinets securely protect electrical equipment against weather conditions.

Industry Solutions

inTEG, our industrial enclosures, can be leveraged for industrial solutions.

Color Solution for Your IT

Within the CONTEG edition "One color is not enough" we offer the possibility to adapt data centers and server rooms to individual needs of customers