CoolTop represents a family of precision cooling units specifically designed for installation on top of IT racks in server rooms and large data centers. An ideal cooling system for Conteg-contained IT rack aisles. Unique solution for IT environments without occupied floor area in data centers.


  • Any type of data center
  • Applications with large amounts of floor space
  • Clients focused on saving energy



Effective use of data center floor space

  • Cooling systems with Cooltop units occupy zero floor area
  • Raised floor unneccesary for air distribution

Very low power consumption

  • Set of highly-efficient fans with EC technology motors
  • Perfect airflow control
  • Optimized heat exchanger and interior aerodynamics
  • Recommended pressure control

Perfect project adaptability

  • Easy grouping of CoolTop units to meet requested capacities
  • Ideal for contained hot or cold aisles



User friendly touch screen display with intuitive control makes the new display AC-DISP-PGDX-xx a mighty assistant.

CoolTop display


Suitable instalation:
  • CoolTop unit's door
  • Wall installation
  • Side panel installation
Technical information is available here >>



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Indoor unit code Unit AC-TOP2-CW-240/60 AC-TCW-42-30/XX-XXX
Connected outdoor unit code   Chilled water system
Cooling system Chilled water
Architecture Open Open
Nominal cooling capacity1 kW 37.0 48.0
Nominal net cooling capacity2 kW 36.3 46.9
Power supply V/ph/Hz 230/1/50
Running current A 3.4 5.0
Maximum current A 4.6 6.8
Nominal power consumption W 710 1100
Nominal airflow3 m3/h 7700 11000
Number of fans Pcs 2 3
Motor fan technology EC
Water flow kg/h 6200 8200
Filter class G2 (+ droplet separator)
Height4 mm (U) 600
Width mm 2400
Depth6 mm 400 (600)
Weight6 kg 175 184
Supply pipe diameter and type 6/4" female
Return pipe diameter and type 6/4" female

1 Cooling capacity can be changed via electronic controller. Nominal cooling capacity is stated for airtemperature of 35 °C in hot zone, without condensation (relative humidity under dew point). Watertemperature is 10/15 °C, clean filters.

2 Net cooling capacity (without heat from fans) is usable cooling capacity of entire system

3 Airflow is changed by control needs. Nominal airflow equals nominal cooling capacity.

4 Without any base frame

5 Bottom side length 400 mm; top side length 600 mm

6 For weight with droplet separator, add 11 kg

File type Language version

  • IT Air Conditioning Units Brochure (PDF - 2.88MB)
    cs  en   
  • Datasheet CoolTop (PDF - 2.65MB)
    cs  de  en  ru   
  • CoolTop User Interface Datasheet (PDF - 2.71MB)
    cs  en