The CoolSeven cooling unit is a revolutionary device designed for heat dissipation directly at the IT rack level. This system allows for heat dissipation from the racks not only to the ambient air but straight to areas outside.

The CoolSeven indoor cooling unit also features a highly effective R410A coolant evaporator, along with fans and controlling components. Each indoor unit must be linked to an outdoor CONTEG compressor unit via refrigerant piping. This "split" system is then autonomously self-regulated. Thanks to the 19" rack installation, the CoolSeven unit controls the conditions directly in the IT racks, with a height of only seven rack units.

CONTEG outdoor units are equipped with inverter compressors, electronic expansion valves, and other top-quality components.

The CoolSeven unit utilizes state-of-the-art technologies and precise control mechanisms based on our experience with data centers all around the world.

These units are remarkable for their compact design and very low power consumption, thanks to speed controlled EC fans. The fan rotation control corresponds to the ambient air temperatures on both the "cold" outlet side and the "hot" inlet side.

We use a brand new controller with advanced CONTEG software and a graphic display via which status checks or settings adjustments can be performed. To communicate with BMS systems, the unit is equipped with an integrated MODBus RTU interface; alternatively, the unit can also be equipped with a network card (SNMP, WEB server, Logger, E-mail, FTP PUSH, MODBus TCP/IP, BACnet…).

The cooling system performance is limited by the distance between the indoor and outdoor units (see detailed technical documentation) and their elevation differences. Standard variants guarantee ambient operation temperatures ranging from -15°C to +45°C. Variants ranging from -40°C or up to +55°C are also available.

The CoolSeven with an outdoor unit is a highly efficient system utilizing an eco-friendly coolant, perfect for direct air-conditioning of individual racks, but also ideal for data centers with a large number of racks. This variant also brings the advantage of controlling various cooling capacities and temperatures based on the technology installed in the racks.

The cooling capacity of each unit, based on actual conditions, is adjusted automatically via compressor speed, opening of the electronic expansion valve, and fan rotation in both the indoor and outdoor units.


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  • indoor air-conditioning unit 19" width (max. size 483 mm), depth 580 mm, height 7U (max. size 312 mm)
  • radial fans with economical EC motors
  • each indoor unit must be linked to an outdoor CONTEG compressor unit
  • cooling capacity 8 kW (with return air temperature of 45°C )
  • indoor unit power supply – one-phase 230 V/50-60 Hz from an independently secured power source; alternatively, accessories are available for switching between two power supply systems
  • unit cooling capacity adjustable by changing compressor and fan speed
  • minimum nominal cooling capacity is 10% of maximum cooling capacity. Ideally, the nominal cooling capacity should reach at least 30% of maximum cooling capacity. The system operates at optimum efficiency at around 50% of maximum cooling capacity.
  • settings available via an integrated LCD or via MODBus RTU interface.
  • option to install a network card (SNMP, WEB server, Logger, E-mail, FTP PUSH, MODBus TCP/IP, BACnet…), alternatively integration into CONTEG's RAMOS system


Combining CoolSeven with an outdoor CONTEG compressor unit

  • cooling capacity approx. 8 kW
  • indoor unit airflow is 1600 m3/h
  • outdoor CONTEG unit power supply is a standard one-phase 230 V/50 Hz
  • refrigerant R410A copper connecting pipes with standard dimensions 12/16 mm.
Basic information
Unit AC-C7-xxxxxxx
Maximum cooling capacity1 W 8000
MMinimum cooling capacity1 W 2000
Power supply V/ph/Hz 230/1/50-60
Width mm 483
Height mm 312
Depth mm 580
Maximum current (indoor unit) A 2,4
Nominal power consumption (indoor unit)
W 560
Rack nominal airflow2  W 560
Sound pressure level
dB(A) 60
Maximum pipe length
m 50
Maximum height difference m 30
Pipe for coolant (diameter) mm 12
Pipe for gases (diameter) mm 16

1 Cooling capacity is changed by controller; nominal cooling capacity is calculated at return hot air temperature of 35°C (95°F) without condensation, outside temp. +35°C , coolant pipe length: 7.5 m

2 Airflow is changed by the controller; nominal airflow matches nominal cooling capacity

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