Stainless Steel Cabinets

We supply stainless steel enclosures series WME-X and WME-O, which are suitable for applications with higher demands on environmental resistance.

They have a degree of protection IP 66 for single-door design and IP 65 for two-door design and mechanical resistance IK 10.

For outdoor use, the WME-O is coated with UV powder coating and can also be fitted with a rain cover.

WME-X Enclosures – stainless steel

The stainless-steel  compact enlosures are suitable for application that need more protection from the environment.

WME-O  Stainless Steel Compact Enclosure

Ideal solution for outdoor applications is stainless-steel enclosure with outdoor powder-coating and rain canopy.

FSM-X Enclosures - compact, stainless steel

stainless free-standing enclosure with side panels integrated in the frame with 700 kg of load-bearing capacity for indoor and outdoor use.