Cooling and Heating

Outdoor cooling units

We offer cooling units for outdoor applications in range 380 W - 4000 W

Thermoelectric cooler

Thermoelectric cooling uses the Peltier effect to create a heat flux between the junctions of two different types of materials.

Cabinet resistance heaters

Cabinet resistance heaters are used to maintain an optimal internal cabinet environment to minimize moisture buildup inside the outdoor equipment enclosures.

Perforated roof

Perforated roof for better ventilation

Perforated roof with top filter fan

Complete set of perforated roof and filter fan - top version

Thermostat for cooling and heating

Bi-metal thermostats for regulating heating and cooling inside the enclosure.


Hygrostat is a device that switches or controls the heating unit in the cabinet depending on the level of relative humidity.

Pressure Compensator

This device controls inside pressure during changes of outside temperatures.