Compact Enclosure Accessories WME

Rails for interior installation

Vertical perforated mounting rails for comfort  installation of components.

19" fixed extrusions

Inner 19” fixed extrusions for installation of IT/Telco componets.

Door-mounting rails

Perforated horizontal door rails for installation of components etc. cables.

Mounting plate

Spare zinc-plated mounting plate with labeled raster.

Brackets for adjusting mounting plate

Brackets for variable adjustment of mounting plate in the enclosure.

Interior door

Interior door are used to separate controls components from live parts inside of  the enclosure.

Viewing door

Viewing door to prevent access to control components that are installed on plain door.

Locks/lock inserts

Spare locks and other types of closing mechanisms.


100mm high plinth allows to place the enclosure on firm base (indoor and outdoor application).

Wall-mounting brackets

Brackets for direct wall mounting.

Pole-mounting brackets

Complete set for pole-mounting.

Rain canopy

Canopy is suitable for outdoor applications where higher protection from the outdoor environment is needed.

Door stop

Fixing the door in open position.

Door switch

The switch is used to automatically switch on/off of the installed components such as lights, fans, cooling units.


Complete set of grounding cables that are necessary to use for the enclosure.

Pocket for documents

Self-adhesive plastic pocket for placing A4 documentation inside the enclosure.

Lighting unit

The LED lighting unit for the interior installation of the enclosure.

Drainage device

The device allows to remove the condensate from the enclosure, in applications with high oscillation of ambient temperatures.

Pressure compensator

The pressure compensator is used to maintain a stable inside pressure during oscillation of outside temperature.

Full-metal gland plate

Spare full-metal gland plate of the enclosure for modification.

Gland plate with cable-entry frame and cable inserts

Punched metal gland plate with cable-entry frame and cable inserts

Gland plate with cable-entry plate

Punched metal gland plate with cable-entry plate.

Gland plate with round cable-entry plate

Punched metal gland plate with round cable-entry plate.

Cable glands and nuts with Pg/metric thread

Cable glands and nuts with Pg/metric thread meet required IP protection requirement of high IP protection and mechanical fastening.

Baying kit

Complete set for assembling the enclosures in row while maintaining IP protection.

Safety warning signs

Choose safety warning signs from our standard portfolio or we can produce it according to specific requirements.