Sales Support

At Conteg we aim for 100% satisfaction of our customers’ needs. In order to meet your goal it is necessary to ensure that the most suitable product for any application is chosen. Our sales staff play a vital role in ensuring that not only do our customers receive the best products, but also the best service.

Our distribution partner network covers Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia and is the main channel for providing product information. That means, in most of these areas, it is possible to solve any issues you may have with any of the Conteg products directly with a local partner and, of course, in the local language.

Among the communication channels operated directly by Conteg, there are new web pages you are currently viewing, printed materials (catalogs, data sheets, cut sheets, brochures) and their electronic version (PDF). You can be regularly informed about new developments in the Conteg News section.

Our sales desk is open Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 17:00 CET (Central European Time). In order to speed up communication, please contact your local distributor or sales representative in the first instance. Of course, in the case of a complicated issue we are always ready to discuss it with you personally. Besides our sales representatives, our team also includes product and pre-sales managers who are able to help you with complex project specifications. More information on the technical managers' work can be found in the Project Support  section.

Should you wish to contact us, please find our contact details on the Conteg page or complete the contact form to send your inquiry. We appreciate all questions and will reply as thoroughly and promptly as possible.

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