Wall-Mounting & SOHO Racks

Thanks to their compact size, Wall and SOHO cabinets are suitable for small offices and homes. We offer cabinets with enough room to access equipment through the front door and the rear side. Some cabinets in this line come equipped with removable side panels with locks. In our product portfolio, you will also find Conteg racks that can be installed directly into the wall, which makes them a very aesthetic solution for home networks.


The Wall-Mount PREMIUM RUN offers an extended level of access to installed equipment  through the front door; thanks to removable and lockable side panels.

19"  PREMIUM Split RUD

The Wall-Mount PREMIUM Split RUD offers the highest level of access to installed equipment: through the front door, from the sides, or rear.


This economy version of a wall-mounting rack offers a sufficient  level of access to the installed equipment through the front door.

19" Stainless Steel Enclosures

 Top quality stainless steel 19" enclosures WME-O19 and WME-X19 for indoor and outdoor use with high resistance to the environment and universal use.

10" SOHO Mini REH

The SOHO racks in the REH series are ideal for installations of 10" patch panels, shelves, SOHO active elements, etc.

19" SOHO In-Wall

The SOHO racks in the ACP series are designed for households and small offices and are „concealed“ in the wall.

19"  SOHO On-Wall

The SOHO On-Wall 19" distribution enclosure is aesthetically pleasing and offers greater flexibility during the installation process.