Top Duct Light

Top Duct Light

Top Duct Light (TDL) is designed to provide a safe, cost-effective and easy-to-use management system for copper cables above the racks. Top Duct Light is simple to install and allow for easy installation, manipulation and re-patching of copper cables between server, network and UPS racks. The TDL system is designed to provide a simple connection between the rack rows without ceiling or other exterior support, reducing installation time and allowing for ease of changeability.



  • Designed for copper cables above racks
  • Simple connection between racks and rows of racks
  • Compatible and combinable with OPTIWAY, Contained aisle, CoolTOP and
  • CoolTeg units
  • Backbone cable management system above racks
  • Length corresponding to rack width
  • Allow several independent cable routes
  • Easy installation, maximal tool-less support
  • Adjustable cross-connection ducts above corridors and contained aisles


  • Top Duct Light—lengths 300, 400, 600 and 800 mm
  • Top Duct Light—end part
  • Cross connection with radius protectors
  • Accessories for cable management



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  • Top-Duct-Light-ulicka.jpgTDL-on-RSF-800x1200.jpgCPW-TDL-EC.jpgCPW-TDL-80.jpgCPW-TDL-30.jpg


Code Dimensions (mm) Package
L H  V
CPW-TDL-30 300 100
2 pcs
CPW-TDL-40 400 100
2 pcs
CPW-TDL-60 600 100
2 pcs
CPW-TDL-80 800 100
2 pcs
CPW-TDL-EC 800, 1000, 1200 100
2 pcs
CPW-CDL 1000, 1200, 1800
200 70 1 pc


Code Description Packace
DP-KP-LEM Protective ending of cable entries (length 790 mm) 1 pc
DP-KP-KAR4-D Cable entry, two layers of brushes, divided version (opening 300×100 mm) 1 pc
DP-KP-KAR9 Cable entry with radius cable protection, for 300×100 mm opening 1 pc


TDL on RSF 800x1200

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  • Datasheet Top Duct Light (PDF - 2.53MB)
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  • Cable fill calculator (XLSX - 0.13MB)