FSM Enclosures - compact, sheet steel

FSM Enclosures - compact, sheet steel

FSM free-standing compact cabinets are made of sheet steel with side panels integrated in the frame and will withstand even the most demanding industrial facilities.

The compact welded construction of the enclosure is made of profiled side panels joined together by crossbar profiles. This manufacturing method can meet the highest requirements for rigidity and lends the cabinet 700 kg of load-bearing capacity. Thanks to the design of the bottom frame, FSM can be used even without a extra plinth. 

To create a variety of mounting surfaces and planes, we offer a wide range of system accessories designed for optimal use of the frame profile. We also supply components to control the environment inside the enclosure, such as heating units, filtered fans or active cooling units.


  • Welded construction with integrated side panels
  • Load capacity 700 kg
  • Single-door and double-door enclosures designs
  • Can be installed without an additional supporting plinth 
  • Designer lift-up handle—the standard for all enclosure types
  • Easy to close doors thanks to a special locking system
  • Maximum use of interior space—possibility of placing the mounting plate between the rear posts
  • Side panels integrated in the frame
  • 28 sizes from 1 600 × 600 × 300 mm up to 2 000 × 1 600 × 500 mm
  • Wide assortment of accessories
  • Wide assortment of tailor-made customer solutions—cut-outs according to your requirements before and after final surface finishing accessories


Cooling units

Filtr fans units

Others - extrusions, mounting plates, lighting...

Where to buy
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  • Enclosure: sheet steel
  • Mounting plate: zinc-plated sheet steel

Enclosure surface finish:

  • Epoxy-polyester powder coating


  • RAL 7035 for indoor use

Degree of protection:

  • IP55 according to the EN 60529 norm (the degree of protection can be reduced after mounting some accessories)

Mechanical durability:

  • IK10 according to IEC 6226

Supply includes:

  • Welded construction with integrated side panels
  • Full door with swing handle (single-door/two-door); the doors are equipped with a four-point locking system
  • The door hinges are located on the right-hand side of the single-door cabinet (option to switch the door mounting from right to left is available)
  • Rear and top panel
  • Multi-part gland plate
  • Mounting plate with raster
Download detailed technical information: