4-20 mA Converter

4-20 mA Converter

The 4-20 mA signal converter is used to integrate the unit with a 4-20 mA transmitter. The 4-20 mA technology is used to communicate analog signals over long distances where electrical interference is a problem. This solution is often used in the process control industry to collect the analog values from a wide array of remote sensors. Current signals are much less susceptible to noise than voltage signals. A voltage signal can be converted to current and broadcast over a long distance before it is converted back to voltage and read by the unit.

4-20 mA transmitters are common in the industry and used with high-quality sensors. The 4-20 mA converters can now be integrated into the unit and can be enhanced by adding graphing, web interface, email interface, thresholds and limits.


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  • The accuracy of our 4-20 mA converters is 2%.
  • The resolution of our 4-20 mA converters is 0,1 mA
  • Sensor can be connected to alarm
  • Full Autosense
  • 2 LED show status of the current loop and the power supply
  • Powered by the unit. No additional power needed.
  • LAN cable for sensor connecting in 1,5 m length is attached
  • Connection by standard patch cable CAT5/6
  • Max. length of connection cable is 4,5 m
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  • Manual 4-20 mA Converter RMS-I-VC (PDF - 0.19MB)