Sensors for thermal mapping

Sensors for thermal mapping

Thermal map sensors are ideal for complete environment monitoring in the racks. By using this device it is possible to determine hotspots and adjust the installation of IT hardware in the rack or regulate the output of the cooling unit.

Pre-wired sensors on cable string monitor rack in 3 levels. Monitor temperature at the top, middle and bottom of the IT rack in front or rear or both, as well as the temperature differential from the front to rear, (Δ T value).

Humidity sensors are also available as an option.


Order code:   RMS-P-ST3H RMS-P-ST6 RMS-P-ST6H2
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Package includes:

  • 1.5 m cable LAN CAT 5


  • 3× temperature and 1× humidity
  • Designed for mounting on one side, front or rear.


  •  6x temperature (3× front, 3× rear and 3× Δ calculated),


  • 6× temperature and 2× humidity (temperature 3× front, 3× rear and 3× Δ calculated; humidity on front and rear)