Central Cooling


CRAC (Computer Room Air Conditioners) units by Stulz are available in many designs, including the integrated water-cooled compressor design, the separate condenser design, and the water exchanger or free-cooling design. Their cooling capacities range from 4 to 300 kW.

Chillers are manufactured by Stulz for indoor or outdoor installation in a variety of refrigerant circuit. Individual devices can be cascaded to reach extremely high cooling capacities.

All Stulz devices are equipped with first-class controls that connect various Building Management Systems (BMS). Stulz offers wide range of accessories and services expected and associated with this top brand.

Conteg offers a full range of services for large projects where you can use central cooling systems. These services will make easier to prepare and implement your project. For more information, see Services chapter.

You can also contact us at cooling@conteg.com.

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