CoolTeg Plus DX

CoolTeg Plus DX

Besides fans and regulation components, the indoor CoolTeg DX units include the highly effective evaporator for refrigerant R410A. Each indoor unit must be connected with refrigerant pipes to the Mitsubishi outdoor compressor unit. The split system will then be able to control itself. The outdoor Mitsubishi units are equipped with frequency controlled compressors, electronic expansion valves and other components. They come in three capacities – 7kW; 12 kW and 18 kW (stepless regulation) in various versions.


In our CoolTeg Plus air-conditioning units we use a combination of the newest technologies and precision controls based on our experience and feedback from data centers around the world. Since fans, heat exchangers and control parts are becoming more advanced, we have modified our products to make sure our clients get the best and latest features.

We started producing a new generation of CoolTeg Plus units with energy-efficient fans that use EC technology as well as high-efficiency copper-aluminum heat exchangers. We can now measure the humidity and temperature in both the cold and hot zones. The unit's air intake and blowing areas were also enlarged for to ensure perfect air distribution.

The main difference is most noticeable in the unit's control part. We are now using an absolutely new controller with advanced Conteg software as well as a new 4.3” graphic touchscreen resistive display with 65,000 colors that corresponds with the latest technology. One display can be used for all CoolTeg units in one data center – up to 16 units with a maximum distance of 500 m. Communication through TCP/IP protocol and integrated web server is standard, and remote control from any computer connected to the Internet is manageable.

CoolTeg Plus DX indoor air-conditioning units are designed to be used with select Mitsubishi Electric outdoor high-end compressor units.

CoolTeg Plus is basic part of the Conteg's new generation of Targeted Cooling solutions for all projects in modern data centers.

The cooling system performance is limited by the distance between the indoor and outdoor units (see detailed technical documentation) and their height differences. Cooling operation is guaranteed at ambient temperatures ranging from -15 to +46°C.

Used in conjunction with the outdoor compressor unit, CoolTeg DX is a highly effective system that comes with ecological refrigerant and is especially suitable for server rooms with a total capacity of up to 100 kW. When a higher cooling capacity is needed, water systems are probably more efficient.

The cooling capacity of each unit can be changed, according to individual requirements, by opening the electronic expansion valve and by changing the compressor and the fans speed (fans in the indoor and outdoor units). If it is necessary to reduce the relative humidity to the set point, the unit will automatically respond by reducing air flow and increasing the cooling performance.

CoolTeg DX units provide you with top-quality performance, while at the same time reducing your annual energy consumption levels better than any other direct expansion unit on the market today.
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CoolTeg Plus

  • Width 300 mm, depth 1000 mm or 1200 mm, height from 42U (1978 mm) to 48U (2245 mm)
  • 5 radial fans with high-performance EC motors
  • One indoor unit must be connected to one selected outdoor Mitsubishi Electric compressor unit
  • Cooling capacity depends on outdoor unit (12 kW or 18 kW) (temperature of return air of 45°C and SHR=100%; ambient temperature +35°C)
  • Electric power supply of indoor unit is 230V/50Hz, for outdoor unit see detailed technical information. Indoor unit can be powered through the outdoor unit or separately.
  • The momentary cooling capacity is adjusted by changing the speed of the compressor, indoor fans and outdoor fans to keep the temperature set-points.
  • The minimal cooling capacity is about 30% of the nominal one. In the long term, the heat load must reach at least 50% of the nominal cooling capacity determined by the outdoor unit.
  • Communication via 4.3” color touchscreen display or through digital I/O connectors.
  • Display with integrated web server can control up to 16 units in the group, with advanced functions (standby unit, overload start, etc.)
  • TCP/IP is standard and other protocols (Bacnet, Modbus, etc.) are available upon request.
  • Software upload and data download via USB flash memory disk. 

Connected with AC-PUHZ-ZRP71

  • Net cooling capacity 7 kW
  • Nominal indoor unit airflow is 2100 m3/h at the power consumption of 150W. 
  • Outdoor compressor unit power supply is a standard one-phase 230V/50Hz 
  • The refrigerant R410A connecting pipes with standard dimensions (10/16 mm).

Connected with AC-PUHZ-ZRP125

  • Net cooling capacity 12 kW
  • Nominal indoor unit airflow is 2500 m3/h at the power consumption of 250W. (Maximal airflow 3800 m3/h)
  • Outdoor compressor unit power supply is a standard one-phase 230V/50Hz but three-phase units are also available (3x400V/50Hz).
  • The refrigerant R410A connecting pipes with standard dimensions (10/22 mm).

Connected with AC-PUHZ-ZRP200

  • Net cooling capacity 18 kW
  • Nominal indoor unit airflow is 3800 m3/h at 770W power consumption.
  • Outdoor compressor unit power supply has three phases (3x400V/50Hz).
  • The refrigerant R410A connecting pipes with standard dimensions (10/22 mm).


CoolTeg Plus DX
    DXSmall DX12 DX20
Indoor unit code Unit AC-TDS-42-30/XX-XXX AC-TDX-42-30/XX-XXX AC-TDX-42-30/XX-XXX
Connected outdoor unit code   AC-PUHZ-ZRP71V AC-PUHZ-ZRP125Y AC-PUHZ-ZRP200Y
Cooling system Direct expansion
Architecture1 Open or closed Open or closed Open or closed
Nominal cooling capacity2 kW 7.0 12.1 19.0
Nominal net cooling capacity3 kW 6.8 11.9 18.0
Power supply V/ph/Hz 230/1/50 230/1/50 230/1/50
Running current A 0.7 1.2 4.2
Maximum current A 6 6 6
Nominal power consumption W 150 250 770
Nominal airflow4 m3/h 2100 2500 3800
Number of fans Pcs 3 5 5
Motor fan technology EC
Refrigerant type kg/h
Filter class5 G4
Height6 mm (U) 1978 (42U), 2111 (45U), 2245 (48U)
Width mm 300 300 300
Depth7 mm 1000 or 1200
Weight – depth 1000 mm, height 42/45/48U kg 153/158/163 163/168/173 163/168/173
Weight – depth 1200 mm, height 42/45/48U kg 163/169/175 173/179/185 173/179/185
Supply pipe diameter and type 10 mm braze 10 mm braze 10 mm braze
Return pipe diameter and type 16 mm braze 22 mm braze 22 mm braze

1 CoolTeg units can be used either independently (in rack rows) or integrated in Modular Closed Loop (MCL) – closed architecture rack systems and cooling units;Code changed as per ordering matrix

2 Cooling capacity is changed by controller; nominal cooling capacity is calculated at return hot air temperature of 35 °C without condensation (air humidity belowdew-point), chilled water temp. 6/12 °C (for CW)

3 Net cooling capacity is the cooling capacity minus fan heat load - the actual unit cooling capacity available to IT equipment

4 Airflow is changed by the controller; nominal airflow matches nominal cooling capacity

5 Units in Modular Closed Loop architecture (MCL) are delivered without filters

6 Without plinth or transport trolley

7 Units for Modular Closed Loop architecture (MCL) are available in 1200 mm depth only

Nominal cooling capacity 1 kW 7 12 19
Power supply  V/ph/Hz 230/1/50 400/3/502 400/3/50
Running current A 7.4 5.8 9.1
Maximum current A 19 9.5 19
Nominal power consumption kW
2.0 3.5 5.9
Compressor control
Refrigerant control
Linear expansion valve
Refrigerant R410A volume
kg 3.5 5.0 7.1
Width mm 950 1050 1050
Depth mm 330 330 330
Height mm 943 1338 1338
kg 67 126 135
Liquid pipe (diameter) mm 10 10 10
Gas pipe (diameter) mm
22 22
Max. piping length
m 50 75 100
Max. height difference m 30 30 30

1 Data valid for nominal conditions: Outdoor temperature: 35 °C DB, Indoor temperature: 27 °C DB, Refrigerant piping length: 7.5 m, Outdoor temperature range: -15 °C to +46 °C

2 AC-PUHZ-ZRP125 outdoor condensing unit demands power supply: 400 V/3 ph/50 Hz, one-phase units also available

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