Electronic door lock with built in card reader

Electronic door lock with built in card reader

An electronic door lock with the build-in card reader and door contact sensor enables to connect directly to the RAMOS Optimax or RAMOS Plus main monitoring units.

RFID electronic door lock has a universal fit for all CONTEG IT racks panel preparations. It is possible to control up to 8 door locks with RAMOS Optimax and up to 4 door locks with RAMOS Plus without additional HW.
The electronic door lock is also compatible with doors equipped with a multi-point locking mechanism.
Each package of the electronic door lock includes 2 EM cards.


Code:  RMS-ACS-EL1

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Supported cards:

  • EM-Card, 125Khz Proximity cards, 26bits, K4100/EM4100/EM4200/T5577

Proximity reading range:

  • 0 - 3 cm

LED indicator:

  • color RGB LED

Locking control:

  • remote lock and unlock from the main monitoring unit via Web Interface, SNMP or CONTEG Pro Server

Power source:

  • Powered by the main monitoring unit RAMOS Optimax and RAMOS Plus. No additional power needed.

Power supply:

  • 5V DC

Power consumption :

  • typical 0,35W, 70 mA, peak 1.75W, 350 mA

Cable length:

  • 4,5 m

Ambient temperature:

  • - 25°C to 75°C

Ambient humidity:

  • 10% - 90%

Package includes:

  • 2 EM cards

Suitable for:

  • RAMOS Plus or RAMOS Optimax