EUROWAG - the integrated mobility provider in Europe, has been expanding greatly, and as the company has grown, there was a need to increase the IT capacity of servers in their data center. CONTEG took up this challenging project by supplying a complete non-IT infrastructure solution in the form of a contained aisle system which physically separates hot and cold zones, thus efficiently reducing operating costs and power requirements of the data center. In addition to that, this solution is mobile and can be moved anywhere.

With two rows of free-standing racks Premium Server RSF with electronic door lock and built-in card reader, the aisle is equipped with roof panels and sliding double doors, which prevents any undesirable air circulation and thus effectively utilizes 100% of the produced cold air.

A fully modular fiber optic cable management system OptiWay is installed on top of the racks, providing physical protection and a favorable bend radius management crucial to optical cable performance.

To ensure reliable power distribution to the IT racks, the monitored power distribution units (PDUs) are selected with feature of remote monitoring of the current consumption on each of the 16 outlets. PDUs are able to measure voltage and frequency metering, power factor, active and apparent power and the previously mentioned energy consumption (in kWh).

The contained aisle also features a RAMOS Ultra ACS monitoring and access control system. This network-connected device provides remote information on temperature, humidity, water or smoke. Furthermore, RAMOS Ultra ACS allows remotely manageable access and receiving real-time information. Physical access to the aisle and the free-standing racks is handled by access cards commonly used by employees across the company.

In addition to the standard contained aisle system, CONTEG has helped the customer to incorporate a third-party rack into the system, including access monitoring by using a card reader and electronic magnetic door lock to an external rack, similar to the Premium RSF racks.


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