Racks are used to support many different systems like servers, disk arrays, patch panels and many others products. Systems are in place to guarantee product compatibility in accordance with the set standardization rules – ANSI/EIA-319-E and ETSI/ETS 300 119. Typical components are produced in accordance to ANSI standards.

Conteg supports a wide range of extrusions – 19”, 21”, 23” and ETSI. Extrusions have different parameters and offer support to addition systems like, for example, cable management system. Conteg offers 2 general solutions – symmetric or asymmetric.

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Symmetric solution

Height: according to size of rack - 15 to 52U

Width: 600, 800 mm

Description – symmetric solution

Next Generation solution is based around strong 19” extrusions of RSF racks that are capable of supporting a load rating of up to 1 500 kg. This solution's specially developed shape allows for the easy assembly of all additional cable management support products and airflow management components.

A-profile (600mm) or A-profile (800mm) with up to 3 x2U additional 19" vertical positions per extrusion, totally 24U space.

L L‑profile extrusions guarantee maximum compatibility with server-mounting kits, which makes installation even easier. L ‑type extrusions are standard in the 600 mm and 800 mm wide racks. Vertical holders are used for 800 mm wide racks.
T Variant of L‑type extrusion especially modified for he 800 mm wide Conteg RSF rack. The front extrusions are a single contiguous piece, and the rear extrusions are equally divided into three sections. Each one of the rear sections can be set to a different depth to support different ICT equipment configurations.
U Variant of P‑type extrusions especially modified for the 800 mm wide Conteg RSF rack. The front extrusions are a single contiguous piece each with 3 separate 3U ‑ 19 inch vertical mounting positions. The additional 12U of mounting positions can be used for structured cabling, active components or filled with optional blank panels for future use. The rear extrusions are equally divided into three sections which can be set at different depths.  Each of these divided rear sections has a 3U ‑ 19" vertical mounting position (total of 12U) for PDUs, structured cabling or active components


Asymmetric solution

Height:  42 – 48U only

Width:  800 mm
Compatible with following racks: PREMIUM Server RSF, PREMIUM Cabling RDF
  • More space for high density network core and distribution switch configurations.
  • Flexible solution which can be complemented with a wide range of cable management accessories, such as plastic hooks and cable spools.
  • One pair of 19” vertical extrusions in the package, on the opposite side is the L-profile extrusion.
  • Maximal load rating up to 1000 kg, according to the type of rack (valid for RSF with a depth of 1200 mm)
  • Not compatible with standard air-separation frame


Description – asymmetric solution

EXP2 space for patch panels, PDUs and Ethernet  switches
EXHD combination space for patch panels, PDUs, Ethernet switches and vertical HDWM -VMR-12/10F
EXCM space for HDWM-VMR-12/10F and individual cable management
EXFO universal space for individual cable management

Extrusions EXCM and EXFO are compatible with HDWM-FSS-50 and HDWM-FSS-100

Ordering is Easy:

 The Conteg racks in the product catalog come with industry-standard extrusions.

To order a custom solution that use eccentric extrusions, order a rack without extrusions.  To do this, just place an „X“ in the last position normally used to indicate the depth of the rack in the ordering code matrix, followed by the code of the extrusion part you selected.

Examples of correct part numbers for 42U racks:

  • ROF-LV-42/8X-EXP2
  • ROF-LV-42/8X-EXHD
  • ROF-LV-42/8X-EXCM
  • ROF-LV-42/8X-EXFO

It is always necessary to order 2 packages – for front and rear extrusions. Different types of extrusions for front and rear positions can be combined.

Eccentric extrusions can be installed in a rack that has already been installed by simply ordering the extrusion mentioned above, remove the existing parts and install the new extrusions.  The installed rack must be right size and from the correct product line.

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