PIR motion detector

PIR motion detector

Motion detector with 60° detection angle and 3 m detection distance; used for securing rooms or buildings and sending alerts in case of intrusion into the monitored zone.

Fitted with status LEDindication. Up to 10 motion sensors can be chain linked to a single smart port. Maximum total LANCAT 5/6 cable length for 10 sensors is 46 m. Maximum cable length between individual sensorsshould be less than 6 m.

Maximum connectable cable length for a single sensor is 300 m. Thedetector is recognized automatically and is powered from the main unit.


Order code: RMS-I-DE-02


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  • Detection angle 60°
  • Maximum working distance is 3 m
  • Up to 10 motion detector sensors can be connected in a daisy-chain to a single intelligent port
  • LED indicates the status
  • Full Autosense including disconnect alarm
  • Powered by the unit. No additional power needed
  • LAN cable (1,5 m long) for sensor connecting is included
  • Connection by standard patch cable CAT5/6
  • Maximum cable length of a single motion detector sensor is 300 m
  • Maximum total cable length of a string of 10 motion sensors is 46 m
  • Maximum length of cable between each motion sensor should be less 
    than 6 m
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  • Manual PIR motion detector RMS-I-DE-02 (PDF - 1.94MB)