RAMOS ACS - Access Control System

Securing the entire critical IT infrastructure with all-in-one system

The electronic access system RAMOS ACS for data centers and server rooms is designed  

to manage and control physical access to individual rooms, aisles and IT racks

remotely monitor the environment in real-time.



Who, when and where?  Simple control with a web browser

The basic function of the central access system is to manage which user can open a specific door and during which time period.

Each door is controlled by access readers, which after accessing the contactless card/chip or mobile card (NFC) , entering a numeric code or face recognition allow access to a secure area. In combination with IP cameras, it is possible to create records of all events, which can be supplemented by a graphical overview of accesses or can help in emergencies.

Furthermore, RAMOS ACS can also monitor environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, water leakage, smoke) and also easily integrates and subsequently monitors other components, such as intelligent power distribution units (PDUs), backup power supplies (UPS), AC units, etc.


All system components at a glance

The RAMOS ACS access control system consists of hardware - a compact RAMOS ULTRA ACS or RAMOS ULTRA device and access accessories, and software - the CONTEG Pro Server application. The system enables to manage and control up to 5000 door accesses.

RAMOS ULTRA ACS is a versatile yet compact device powered by 12V DC. A single device with connected expanders (RDU) monitors up to 500 sensors and controls up to 50 racks.  

CONTEG Pro Server is used to set  up user  access rights, manage cameras, environmental sensors and monitor integrated IT devices (PDUs, UPS, IP cameras…), locally or remotely. The application can also send notifications of alarms and events via SMS, e-mail, MMS, etc.  CONTEG Pro Server can also function as a multi-tenant application that allows the assignment of access for given customers to access only their areas and make changes to them.

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Accessories for RAMOS ACS

Hardware - base unit, rack door unit, locks, handles, readers, keypad and access media...

CONTEG Pro Server Management Software


Software application for central management, oversight over the monitored environment and access using RAMOS hardware.