Siren & strobe light

Siren & strobe light

The Siren & Strobe sensor is a combination sensor that emits a loud piercing sound and a visual blinking strobe light. It makes an important addition to security and safety.

The Siren & Strobe sensor can be activated manually or triggered by any other sensor connected to the RAMOS Optimax or Ultra units. Linking the Siren & Strobe sensors to PIR motion sensors or IR parameter beam sensors are 2 good examples of how these can be used in a security environment.

Also linking the Siren & Strobe sensors to smoke sensors or water sensors another 2 examples of how the sensors can be used for environmental alerting.



Code: RMS-I-AS

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  • RMS-I-AS_web.jpg
  • Ono/off visual and audio alarm
  • Loud piercing 100±3db alarm at 1m
  • Strobe Flash Frequency: 400 times/minute
  • Light Source: 8x super bright LEDs 
  • Dimension: 72×123×45 mm
  • Full Autosense including disconnect alarm
  • Powered by the unit. No additional power needed.
  • LAN cable (1,5 m long) for sensor connecting is included
  • Connection by standard patch cable CAT5/6
  • Max. length of connection cable is 30 m
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  • Manual Siren&strobo light RMS-I-AS (PDF - 1.72MB)