Compact Data Centers

Compact Data Centers

The Modular Closed Loop (MCL)

is a specific, scalable non-IT infrastructure solution suitable for both smaller server roomsand large data centers that require zones with different operating parameters (temperature or heat load).

The MCL is a compact unit, completely insulated from the surroundingenvironment. It consists of Premium Server racks andCoolTeg Plus in-row cooling units. The front and rear doors ofthe racks are glass or full-metal and create an enclosed spacefor air circulation between the servers and the cooling unit.

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We also supply the necessary accessories for this solution:

   Local Extinguishing System

LES-RACK is an independent, fully automatic fi re detection and extinguishing system. It is designed for direct installation into 19“ racks with IP30 enclosure or higher.  The system uses FK-5-1-12 fi re extinguishing agent.
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Power Distribution Units (PDUs)

Product portfolio of intelligent and basic power distribution units includes basic PDUs without additional features as well as models enabling remotely monitoring power consumption via Ethernet and IP (monitored PDUs) or power distribution units with the additional option of controlling individual outlets or groups of outlets remotely through a data network (managed PDUs).


Overheat Protection


The EOS (emergency opening system) coupled with RAMOS monitoring and access control system protects devices from overheating. If the RAMOS system detects overheating, the EOS opens the front and back doors of the rack to prevent potential damage of the devices. However, as with other types of data center arrangement, the best protection against overheating and damaging
equipment inside is provided by a fully redundant cooling unit confi guration.




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