Cooling Units

Cooling Units

Cooling units for the outTEG cabinets use the more environmentally safe R134a refrigerant.  The outTEG Cooling unit allows for more effective heat dissipation without introducing the outside air into the enclosure.  As stated about the mechanical cooling is done by refrigeration process utilizing compressed R134a. These units are suitable either when the required temperature in the cabinet has to be well below the ambient temperature, or when the installed electronic equipment produces large quantities of heat that has to be removed. The segregated internal cooling circuit prevents the penetration of dirt from the outside environment from polluting the air inside the cabinet. We also offer outdoor cooling units with free-cooling.

Types of outdoor cooling units:

Cooling using a compressor

The internal air is taken in by the radial fan, filtered and then cooled as it crosses the compressor chilled evaporator coil. The conditioned air is then returned to inside the cabinet through the supply air opening where the conditioned air cools the electronic components.

Free cooling

A metallic deflector (damper), equipped with servomotor, directs internal and external air flows. The damper block is located in the upper part of the air conditioner. When the damper is in a vertical position, the unit is in mechanical-assisted cooling mode. When the damper is in a horizontal position, free cooling mode is enabled. In the free cooling mode, the external air is taken in through the lower part of enclosure through the opening in the free cooling block. Internal exhaust air is then discharged by an overpressure condition inside the enclosure through the upper part of the same opening. This damper is proportionally controlled by a 3-points signal from the Cooling units C100 controller module. Its position can be adjusted from 0 to 100% of fresh air, to regulate free cooling capacity.

Emergency ventilation

The circulation of air inside the shelter is always assured, even if main power supply is missing. In this case part of the unit (evaporator fan, control components and free-cooling damper motor) must be continuously fed by a DC power supply source.

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Cooling capacity:  300 W-2000 W

Operation temperature limits: -20 °C/+60 °C 

Color: RAL 7035

IP rating:  IP54 (IP55 optional)

Installation options: in the side panel (optionally on the door)

Note: The unit is assembled and supplied installed in the outTEG cabinet.

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