Fire Preventive System for Data Centers

A unique solution for fire prevention and suppression - no water, no foam, no chemical extinguishing agents.  The system is designed in such a fashion, so that primarily no fire could ever arise in data center thanks to hypoxic air. The hypoxic air contains a lower oxygen concentration level than is common in the atmosphere i.e. 15-16% of oxygen, compared to the regular 20%.

The Fire Preventive System in the protected area keeps the oxygen concentration at the level of hypoxic air generated by generators from the ambient air. This creates a safe, breathable atmosphere inside the room, where nothing can ignite or burn. This environment is approximately equivalent to pressure and air concentration at an altitude of 2700 meters and is safe for people.


  • Prevents an outbreak and spread of fire
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Negligible space requirements
  • No design limitations
  • Absolute safety for people through using breathable air
  • No damage by fire, leaked water, foam or other extinguishing agents. Retaining access to protected areas at any time


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