Inline Meter

Inline Meter

The 1-phase or 3-phase inline power meter with an illuminated display is designed for measuring parameters on the lead-in cable to basic PDUs and is easy to connect into existing circuits.

A built-in web server allows remote monitoring of power in real-time, as well as current consumption (A), voltage (V), energy consumption (kWh), and load power factor. 
The device also allows the connection of a temperature and humidity sensor (IP-S-PDU-SENSOR).


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Suitable for

  • Basic PDUs

Modul material

  • 1.5 mm anodized aluminum with a protective layer against oxidation, brackets made of stainless steel


  • Lenght: 280 mm
  • Hight: 65 mm
  • Depth: 52,5 mm


  • Vertical


  • Black, red


  • Illuminated LCD


  • 1-phase 230 V AC or 3-phase 230/400 V AC,16 A or 32 A

Data bus

  • 2× RJ45 data bus RS-485 connectors


  • RJ45 connector

Sensor port

  • RJ11, option to connect temperature andhumidity sensor
Package includes
  • 3 m non-detachable input cable with EN60309 plug, 0.5 m non-detachable output cable with EN60309 outlet
  • Brackets for vertical mounting
Inline meter
Code Discriptin  Color
IP-SEI-3-INLINE16 Inline meter 3.6 kW, 1-phase 16A Black
IP-SEI-3-INLINE16-RD Inline meter 3.6 kW, 1-phase 16A Red
IP-SEI-3-INLINE32 Inline meter 7.2 kW, 1-phase 32A Black
IP-SEI-3-INLINE32-RD Inline meter 7.2 kW, 1-phase 32A Red
IP-SEI-3-INLINE11 Inline meter 11 kW, 3-phase 16A Black
IP-SEI-3-INLINE11-RD Inline meter 11 kW, 3-phase 16A
IP-SEI-3-INLINE22 Inline meter 22 kW, 3-phase 32A
IP-SEI-3-INLINE22-RD Inline meter 22 kW, 3-phase 32A Red
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  • Datasheet PDU (PDF - 4.18MB)
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