Input Power Cables

Input Power Cables

1-phase 16A monitored and managed PDUs are supplied without a lead-in cable. It must be orderedseparately.

Cables are available in black color, with a length of 2.5 m and with various types of plugs.

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  • IP-C-C9SH25_privodni-napajeci-kabel_WEB.jpgIP-C-C93 025_privodni-napajeci-kabel_WEB.jpg
Suitable for
  • 1-phase 16A monitored and managed PDUs fromthe IP-SEI/SEA series
  • Black
Cable length
  • 2.5 m
Input Power Cables
Code* Output – input connector Lenght
IP-C-C9SH25 IEC 320 C19 – SCHUKO 2.5 m
IP-C-C93 025 IEC 320 C19 – EN 60 309 (1×16 A) 2.5 m
IP-C-C9C225 IEC 320 C19 – IEC 320 C20 2.5 m

You can also choose from C19 – C20 power cables shown on the previous page (code e.g. IP-C-PC9C220, IP-C-PC9C225, IP-C-PC9C230), including their color variants.

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  • Datasheet PDU (PDF - 4.18MB)
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