Introducing CoolSpot CW Units

Dear partners,
We would like to introduce a new cooling product line in Conteg portfolio. It is “CoolSpot CW” family with Wall-Mount and Top-Mount versions in different sizes. These units are designed to keep the set temperature in our PREMIUM and OPTIMAL Racks.

Cooling units will be connected to the existing chilled water system of a building. The heat is exhausted from the rack directly to the chilled water system, and the room is not disturbed. CoolSpot CW  air-conditioning units are superb for application in offices, schools, hospitals, and similar projects, where the low noise is fundamental.

Please see the attached DataSheets for deep technical specification.We believe that you and your customers will find this new solution helpful in reaching the wider market potential.

Download datasheet CoolSpot TM-CW.

Download datasheet CoolSpot WM-CW.


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