New Connecting kit

New Connecting kit

Company Conteg has news for you. We finalized modification on the separating frames and now all new produced separating frames are with new improvement. Every vertical parts are with three openings which allow access into column of rack where are holes for join.This new solution allow to our customers installation of separation frames at factory or before are racks placing at finale stage and allow simplicity of connecting racks together. We believe that customers will assess this small improvement with simplicity of installation.


For join two racks are two possibilities:

  • one is standard connecting kit – DP-DR-UNI. Mostly there is necessary for assembly use two persons
  • second option is our new connecting kit – DP-DR-UNI-Q.This connecting kit is ready for one man installation. Part of components need to be installed into column of rack before rack is placing at position. After it is be possible to join racks through openings at separation frames.

I hope that you and your customers will be satisfied by these new solutions and it will help you to open new sales opportunities and increase existing. 

More information you can find in the datasheet.


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