New cooling unit CoolTop

This is our newest solution for chilled water cooling in data centers based on an innovative principle. CoolTop gives you flexibility, has extremely low power consumption and does not take up much space.The CoolTop unit includes a horizontal heat exchanger with built-in ventilators and control and safety systems that can be installed above the IT racks. 

Basic advantages: 

  • No floor area wasting
  • Extremely low power consumption
  • Full flexibility in DC
  • Modern control and communication

CoolTop uses approximately half of the energy consumed by other high-end cooling systems on the market today. This is thanks to the fan motor’s EC technology, a large HX area and modern controls. We can definitely recommend CoolTop for all free-cooling systems. We would like to emphasize that that this kind of cooling unit does not occupy the floor area of your data center, which will be more economically beneficial for you in the long run. Your IT racks will be free to meet your other data center demands.

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