Fixing frame for cast concrete base

Fixing frame for cast concrete base

A welded frame designed for embedding into the concrete plinth. Correct positioning of the cabinet on concrete base aligned withthe position of the screws on the fuser frame and holes in the bottom of the base cabinet. Cabinet is secured by bolts and nuts from inside the plinth after removing the cable gland.

Supply includes:

  • Assembly parts
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  • Welded frame with anchors and screws

Material: 4 mm galvanized sheet steel

Application: assembled with both series of outTEG cabinets



Fixing frame for cast concrete base
For cabinet WxD Package Order code
650x400 1 set
650x600 1 set IDO-MF-P6506
800x400 1 set IDO-MF-P0804
800x500 1 set IDO-MF-P0805
800x700 1 set IDO-MF-P0807
800x800 1 set IDO-MF-P0808
800x1000 1 set IDO-MF-P0810
1000x700 1 set IDO-MF-P1007
1000x800 1 set IDO-MF-P1008

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