outTEG II Double Active

outTEG II Double Active


The outdoor cabinet outTEG II Double Active provides better thermal regulation of installed components through the natural air flow between the walls, as for the line outTEG II Natural.  outTEG II Double Active is equipped with a climate cooling unit and is particularly suitable for applications in extreme conditions, where it is necessary to ensure the smooth operation of components installed inside the cabinet.

The air/air heat exchanger allows more effective heat dissipation without mixing the outside and inside air. These units can only be used if the external ambient temperature is lower by at least 5 °C than the required cabinet internal temperature.

The cooling unit works on the same principle as the heat exchanger but cooling is done by the cooling medium R134a. These units are suitable when the required temperature in the cabinet is below the ambient temperature, or when large quantities of heat must be removed.

We also offer a cooling unit with free-cooling (combination of active cooling and free-cooling).
  • Simple, practical, functional construction
  • High protection against corrosion
  • Welded stainless steel enclosure frame
  • All removable parts are made of aluminium (doors, rear/side panels, roof)
  • Air ventilation between the walls
  • Mounting cover with clips to ensure maximum effectiveness of the seal
  • Polyester powder coat with UV protection
  • PUR non-porous gasket – suitable for extreme temperature ranges -40 °C to +60 °C
  • IP55 Dust and water protection
  • IK10 Mechanical protection – against severe damage
  • Vandalism-proof - the side panels, rear panel and roof are screwed from the inside. The front door has hidden hinges and a metal handle.
  • Tight mechanical construction - no point of access for lever-type tools
  • Ready for crane transport
  • High stability up to earthquake security


Conteg Company cooperates with Prague Technical University to get a simulation model of dynamic thermal behavior of outTEG outdoor cabinet. The aim is to forecast the changes of interior environment at different outdoor climatic conditions and present an expert estimate of heating and cooling equipment energy consumption. This research is supported by the Akcelerace business programme by the City of Prague.

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Standard dimensions:
Height: 1000, 1200, 1400 a 1600 mm (21, 25, 30 a 34 U)
Width: 600, 800, 1000 a 1200 mm
Depth: 400, 500, 600 a 700 mm

Door: single or double door (from width 1200mm)

Cabinet body, doors, roof: 2 mm thickness AlMg3
Frame, plinth:  2 mm thickness stainless steel

Cabinet body: RAL 7035 (light grey)
Roof and plinth: RAL 7046 (dark grey)

IP rating:  IP54 (optionally IP55)

Outdoor cooling:
Air/air heat exchanger - heat transmission up to 160 W/K
Cooling unit – cooling capacity up to 2000 W

Approvals: IP according EN 60529

Supply includes:

  • Double-walled outdoor cabinet, fully mounted
  • Ventilation – natural vented and cooling/heat exchanging unit
  • Climate power – heat exchanger up 160 W/K, cooling units up 2000 W
  • Removable rear panel with natural air flow
  • Removable side panels with natural air flow and one with cooling/heat exchanging unit
  • Removable roof, natural vented
  • Front door with multipoint locking system, key combination 333, door stop. Easily changed to a right or left hand door mounting
  • Plinth 100 mm
  • Vertical mounting rails
  • Gland plate
  • Eyebolts

If you require a customized solution or have any installation or application questions, please contact us - outdoor[at]conteg.com.

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