Side panels

Side panels

Supply includes:

  • Assembly parts
  • Variants of OMR-DV side panels (inclusive of filter fan and outlet grid) and OMR-DCx (inclusive of cooling unit)
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  • Double-walled construction

Material: 2 mm AlMg3

Application: assembled with OMR-DN-xxxxxx-R cabinet

Color: RAL 7035 (light grey, with UV protection for outdoor use)

Side Panels outTEG II Double Natural
Cabinet dimensionsHxD mm Package Plain side panels Side panels with filter fan(180m3/h) and outlet grid
Side panels with outletgrids (for 540m3/h roofventilation)
Side panels with cut-outsfor cooling unit (externally-mounted) * Side panels with cut-outsfor cooling unit (internally-mounted) *
600x600 1 set OMR-DN-S0606 OMR-DV-S0606 - OMR-DCE-S0606-xxx OMR-DCI-S0606-xxx
800x400 1 set OMR-DN-S0804 OMR-DV-S0804 - OMR-DCE-S0804-xxx OMR-DCI-S0804-xxx
800x600 1 set OMR-DN-S0806 OMR-DV-S0806 - OMR-DCE-S0806-xxx OMR-DCI-S0806-xxx
1000x500 1 set OMR-DN-S1005 OMR-DV-S1005 OMR-DV-S1005-54 OMR-DCE-S1005-xxx OMR-DCI-S1005-xxx
1000x600 1 set  OMR-DN-S1006  OMR-DV-S1006 - OMR-DCE-S1006-xxx OMR-DCI-S1006-xxx
1200x700 1 set OMR-DN-S1207 OMR-DV-S1207 OMR-DV-S1207-54 OMR-DCE-S1207-xxx OMR-DCI-S1207-xxx
1200x800 1 set OMR-DN-S1208 OMR-DV-S1208 OMR-DV-S1208-54 OMR-DCE-S1208-xxx OMR-DCI-S1208-xxx
1400x600 1 set OMR-DN-S1406 OMR-DV-S1406 OMR-DV-S1406-54 OMR-DCE-S1406-xxx OMR-DCI-S1406-xxx
1600x400 1 set  OMR-DN-S1604 OMR-DV-S1604 OMR-DV-S1604-54 OMR-DCE-S1604-xxx OMR-DCI-S1604-xxx
1600x700 1 set OMR-DN-S1607 OMR-DV-S1607 OMR-DV-S1607-54 OMR-DCE-S1607-xxx OMR-DCI-S1607-xxx
1600x800 1 set  OMR-DN-S1608 OMR-DV-S1608  OMR-DV-S1608-54 OMR-DCE-S1608-xxx OMR-DCI-S1608-xxx
1600x1000 1 set OMR-DN-S1610 OMR-DV-S1610 OMR-DV-S1610-54 OMR-DCE-S1610-xxx OMR-DCI-S1610-xxx

Note: 1 set = 2 pcs

*) Use the web configurator or contact our experienced sales representatives

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