PDU variant with an external display

PDU variant with an external display

The external illuminated display is designed for monitored and managed PDUs that consist of two functional parts.

The display is located on a separate communication module and is connected to the PDU by a 1.5 m cable.

The PDU with an external display is suitable for critical IT devices that require an uninterrupted power supply. Its main benefit lies in the fact that it can be replaced at any time while the device is running.

The display is fitted with brackets for horizontal mounting onto 19" extrusions, where it needs up 1.5 U of space in height.

If a rack is fitted with two PDUs, the communication modules with the display can be mounted next to each other at the same height onto 19" extrusions.

The external display does not constitute a functional unit on its own. For more information, contact our technical department at presales@conteg.com.


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Suitable for:
  • Monitored and managed PDUs
Modul material:
  • 1.5 mm anodized aluminum with a protective layer against oxidation with brackets made of stainless steel
  • Lenght: 209 mm
  • Hight: 65 mm
  • Depth: 52,6 mm
  • Black, red, blue, green, yellow, orange, white
  • Illuminated LCD
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  • Datasheet PDU (PDF - 4.18MB)
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