Protection of Cable Openings

Protection of Cable Openings

Sealing strips and brush panels help protect cables and can limit dust buildup in the rack. They are installed into the cable openings.


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  • DP-KP-LEM_in the rackDP-KP-KAR_in the rackDP-KP-KAR3DP-KP-KAR3_in the rackDP-KP-HCEDP-KP-KAR-4DP-KP-KAR-4-divided
Code Description Available colors
RAL 7035 RAL 9005
DP‑KP‑LEM Protective edging of cable entries (length 790 mm) yes 1 pc
DP‑KP‑HCE2 Hermetic cable entry for rack with IP54 (opening 300×100 mm) yes yes 1 pc
DP‑KP‑KAR Cable entry covered with brush for iSEVEN and Premium series (opening 300×100 mm) yes yes 1 pc
DP‑KP‑KAR3 Cable entry 150×56 mm covered with brush for RUN, RUD, REN series yes yes 1 pc
DP‑KP‑KAR4 Cable entry, two layers of brushes (opening 300x100 mm) yes yes 1 pc
DP‑KP‑KAR4‑D Cable entry, two layers of brushes, divided version (opening 300×100 mm) yes yes 1 pc
DP‑KP‑KAR5 Cable entry 300×50 mm, covered with brush yes yes 1 pc
DP-KP-KAR6 Dust-proof brush for cable entry 500x110 mm (for RI7/RM7), two pieces of brushes and two pieces of rubberfor edges of cable entry yes 1 pc
DP-KP-KAR7 Slidable cover for cable entry 300×100 mm yes yes 1 pc
DP-KP-KAR9 Cable entry with radius cable protection, for 300×100 mm opening yes yes 1 pc
DP-KP-RB4 Cable entry diameter 100 mm (4"), covered with brush yes 1 pc
DP-KP-RP4 Cable entry diameter 100 mm (4"), plastic yes 1 pc
DP-KP-KAR-A Cable entry for raised floor tiles, two layers of brushes (opening 410×215 mm) yes yes 1 pc
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  • Datasheet Protection of cables in openings (PDF - 1.07MB)
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