Standalone Access Control System

Standalone Access Control System

DP-ZM-ES-K (with keypad)

DP-ZM-ES-C (with Card reader)

The Self-Contained Electronic Locking System features a single component design that can be easily mounted into a standard panel prep, simplifying the integration of an electronic access solution into the cabinet design while eliminating the need for wiring or connection of separate components.

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  • Unique electrical override feature
  • Keyless entry simplifies access control
  • Single component design enables easier integration, with no wiring
  • Operates on three AA batteries
  • Programming key offers simple, quick enrollment
  • Low power operation extends battery replacement interval (50k cycles)
  • LED indicator provides visual feedback during programming and operation
  • Secure cam lock mechanism
  • Fits industry standard 25x150mm panel prep
  • Support 1 programming key, up to 10 manager keys and 10 user keys
  • Supports up to 20 RFID cards or PINs
  • PIN code can be four to seven digits
  • Single point locking only


Standalone Access Control System
Code Description Package


Standalone electronic latch with card reader 13.56 MHz; battery case included, verification via card only

1 pc


Standalone electronic latch with keypad; battery case included, verification by PIN only

1 pc


Programming key for standalone electronic latch (red)

1 pc


Manager key for standalone electronic latch (black)

1 pc


User key for standalone electronic latch (black)

1 pc


MIFARE® Classic Cards, 13.56 MHz

10 pcs


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  • Datasheet Standalone Access System (PDF - 0.12MB)
    cs  en   
  • Manual DP-ZM-ES-C (PDF - 1.27MB)
    cs  en   
  • Manual DP-ZM-ES-K (PDF - 1.31MB)
    cs  en