Wire Management Panels with Plastic Brackets

Wire Management Panels with Plastic Brackets

These wire management panels are used for storage and horizontal management of cables in the rack. They are attached to the 19" extrusions.



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  • DP-VP-P5-OR_DP-VP-P5-GN_DP-VP-P5-WEB.jpgDP-VP-P1-green-WEB.jpgDP-VP-P1-orange-WEB.jpgDP-VP-P5-green-WEB.jpgDP-VP-P5-orange-WEB.jpgDP_VP_01_black_WEB.jpgDP-VP_8 types in frame
  • Height 1 or 2U 
  • "Front" or "front and rear" design
  • 5 plastic brackets on one side 
  • Oval openings in panel allow for front-to-rear cabling 
  • Color: panels are black, brackets can be black, orange or green
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  • Datasheet Standard cable managememt (PDF - 2.66MB)
    cs  de  en  fr  ru   
  • Cable fill calculator (XLSX - 0.13MB)